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  • Game Cosmos Press – First edition

    Fresh off the press. The first edition of Game Cosmos Press Newspaper Gazette Magazine Journal Bulletin Flyer. Get the high quality version here: Game Cosmos Press – [...]
  • Snapshots A Far Cry 4 U

    (Snapshots from Kyrat, in Far Cry 4) Here comes a few shots from my ‘travels’ around in Kyrat. Nice place. What’s up? Hippie wagon If this ain’t a [...]
  • I think he’s onto me

    Vampirism isn’t the easiest of afflictions to live with, nor hide. Luckily, Isran isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Thankfully, I got off scot-free here, [...]
  • Snapshots From Chernarus

    Here are some snaps I took during my journey through Chernarus. It’s truly an interesting place. Traveling through a country during wartime provides some funny [...]
  • Assaulted in Hangman’s Alley

    Breaking news! I got jumped in the streets of Hangman’s Alley. Thanks to my lightning reflexes, I managed to get a photo of him in the act. Spoiler: My camera went off [...]
  • The Water Spins What Way, You Say?

    Have you heard about the Coriolis effect? It makes the toilet water swirl the other way when you flush in Australia. If you have ever wondered what way the water spins when [...]
  • Wrap It Up Before Disposal

    Be like the dudes and dudettes of Ark. Wrap up everything in an extra layer before you throw it away, for the sake of the environment. Think about the poor dinos. We [...]
  • Should I? Or should I not?

    Since the dawn of counter terrorism (and terrorism), countless trained professionals have been fighting an irresistible urge, a conundrum. Popping the chicken. That juicy [...]

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