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  • The Water Spins What Way, You Say?

    Have you heard about the Coriolis effect? It makes the toilet water swirl the other way when you flush in Australia. If you have ever wondered what way the water spins when [...]
  • Best Audio Log In Rapture

    The funniest voicelog in the Bioshock universe has to be this one. Jack, frustrated with by the concept of robot Little Sisters, makes a drunken confession on an Accu-Vox [...]
  • Fake Lenin Busted

    This here guy has been running around the Commonwealth, posing as Vladimir Lenin. He was (finally) caught when he couldn’t resist the promise of creating a communist, [...]
  • Plastic Surgeons Hate Him

    Ever heard the expression “Beauty comes from within” ? Thanks to Dr. Steinman, you can now wear your insides on the outside. — Plastic surgeons doesn’t hate [...]

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