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  • Pagan Min – Gay or nay?

    There’s a rumor going around that the king, the exalted, the supreme leader of Kyrat, is gay. Game Cosmos Press have been sent a couple of clues and decided to see if the [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

    First things first. The absolute first thing you should do when stepping foot into Kyrat is to crank your radio to this channel: In addition to all the other stuff covered so [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Spirituality

    This guy is weird: Now that’s stated and out in the open, we can look at spirituality in Kyrat from a serious perspective for you travelers.   Kyrat is a very [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Sightseeing

    What do tourists do? They see sights. Okay, not everyone spends their time abroad checking out sights, but most do. #notalltourists Whether you are a pop-cultural sightseer [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Activities

    Looking to get your dose of adrenaline? Kyrat offers a ton of activities to sate your inner adrenaline junkie. Throwing yourself off a cliff in a wingsuit. Parachuting. Zip [...]
  • How To: Fix Your Car

    Ever feared standing at the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with a car who won’t go anywhere? Fear no more. With this trick, no matter the damage, your car [...]
  • Wrap It Up Before Disposal

    Be like the dudes and dudettes of Ark. Wrap up everything in an extra layer before you throw it away, for the sake of the environment. Think about the poor dinos. We [...]
  • Fake Lenin Busted

    This here guy has been running around the Commonwealth, posing as Vladimir Lenin. He was (finally) caught when he couldn’t resist the promise of creating a communist, [...]

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