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  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Medical Services

    Before venturing out in the unpredictable wilderness of Kyrat, let’s go through a few basic survival tips, and some more advanced medical procedures. Kyrat is a pretty [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Animal Life

    Kyrat is pretty much every animal photographers dream (of those who know of the country, mostly). Going home without having shot the “big five” is, according to [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Currency

    One of the most confusing things when travelling abroad can be the currency. The conversion rate is quickly forgotten and you spend a lot more money than intended. [...]
  • Kyrat Travel Guide: Getting Around

    Getting to see the sights and explore Kyrat is hard without knowing how to get around. So here is the rundown on ways to travel around this magnificent country. Kyrat lacks a [...]
  • How To: Fix Your Car

    Ever feared standing at the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with a car who won’t go anywhere? Fear no more. With this trick, no matter the damage, your car [...]
  • Assaulted in Hangman’s Alley

    Breaking news! I got jumped in the streets of Hangman’s Alley. Thanks to my lightning reflexes, I managed to get a photo of him in the act. Spoiler: My camera went off [...]

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