Phresh Pheed
  • Best Audio Log In Rapture

    The funniest voicelog in the Bioshock universe has to be this one. Jack, frustrated with by the concept of robot Little Sisters, makes a drunken confession on an Accu-Vox [...]
  • Should I? Or should I not?

    Since the dawn of counter terrorism (and terrorism), countless trained professionals have been fighting an irresistible urge, a conundrum. Popping the chicken. That juicy [...]
  • The Water Spins What Way, You Say?

    Have you heard about the Coriolis effect? It makes the toilet water swirl the other way when you flush in Australia. If you have ever wondered what way the water spins when [...]
  • Cheesy Pick Up Line, Underground

    If there is one thing the vault dwellers know better than anyone else, it’s how to feel in the catch of the day. In the cheesy cartwheel of lines, I find this to be the [...]

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