How to make it in Diamond City

A provisional medicine lab at home.


The rent controlled housing market is booming in Diamond City, folks. As you may know, I needed a place to stay semi-permanent for a while when reporting on events in the city of diamonds (I’m trying to start a new slogan). Rumor was that the mayor and his assistant had apartments for rent, so I managed to get a trial-run for an affordable amount of caps a month if I only wrote palatable articles about their gorgeous city/town/slum. In addition, the mayor’s assistant slashed off the price since I apparently helped her in an “argument” at Dugouts Inn last night. Or was it Doughnuts Inn? Nevermind, I can’t remember. Short story, the Bourbon was embarrassingly cheap.


My humble abode, unfurnished, as it was at appropriation/takeover

I swung my sledgehammer, hammered up some shelves and bought a coffee table and a barstool at a local market. The latter, a stupid impulse buy. The barstool is completely useless at his point. Other than that, my home is starting to take form.


That damn barstool…

As the Commonwealth is a dangerous place, my survival instinct kicked in and made me spend a good portion of my caps on purely strengthening my offensive capabilities, and less on actual life-prolonging necessities as food and clean water.


Tough situations call for tough measures

But luckily I found a way to make som walkin’ around money. Homemade medicine! Found some medical equipment in a nearby hospital crawling with super mutant’s. With my newly acquired knowledge on how to avoid them and exploit their weaknesses (like not burping when sneaking up behind them) I managed to get in and out without to much commotion. They may have mistaken me with a traveling merchant and shot him while I hid behind a road barrier (damn, they’re stupid).
As a result, I am now able to make low-cost stimpacks. Unfortunately these are also very low-yield stimpacks (for me). This forces me to think of other revenue streams. I have a few ideas.


The medically superior setup. Magic happens here

People buy things with a compelling backstory for a higher price. This is a fact. Another related fact is people buy medicine made in highly unsterile conditions as long as they remain ignorant of this (candy wrapper packaging helps). Glad the post-nuclear war environment doesn’t have governmental quality assurance. This place doesn’t even have a government, lol. Kidding aside, I’m giving unbelievably poor people pain relievers and other medicine for next to nothing. The altruist award this year goes to me, I’m sure.

Aight, now off to exploring Diamond City (and acquire a typewriter)!

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