The mayor of Diamond City is a confirmed nazi (and I lost my apartment)

The housing regulations in Diamond City are  unfair and stupid. My fondness of Diamond City has taken a serious hit.

Apparently, I have broken the following rules while renting here:

  • No building expansion beyond already existing walls at the time of purchase is allowed.
  • Tenants are not allowed to store more than five firearms inside a rented apartment or house.
  • Tenants are under no circumstance allowed to store explosives and nuclear material in the same room.
  • Noise must be kept at a minimum past 11PM.
  • Alcohol and drug use must not be of inconvenience to the neighbouring tenants.
  • Drug/pharmaceutical production (i.e. Jet and Psycho) ,except stimpaks and rad-aways, are not allowed in areas besides pre-approved medical facilities.

The first point is totally ambiguous, right? The letter from the “housing department” stated that the last bullet point was the tipping one though. I read the rules closely, but can swear I didn’t see the part mentioning Jet and Psycho.

A few days before the letter arrived, some nice fellows visited me, and kind of invited themselves in. They showed me a few recipes for “asthma inhalers“, “antibiotics” and “insuline” which I now know was Jet, Psycho and Med-X. So I went from making useful medicine to actual hard core street drugs. Jet, especially, was highly profitable and easy to make, as it only required fertilizer and some plastic. Not my brightest moment.


In the background to the left, my improvised medical facility.

As previously noted, Diamond City laws are stupid. Add to that dumb and childish. It is not the free haven people said it was. Heard some rumors from a guy that actually heard from another guy that the the mayor’s a nazi anyway. Explains a lot.


My drinking may have been a bit on the heavier side. That life is now behind me and I’m content with just drinking above moderately

On a side note, I lost my appartement and got permanently evicted from the housing market by the mayor, personally. He’s a douche. His way of treating people is so harsh and machine-like. Typical nazi-governing methods, throwing people out of their houses. What am I supposed to do now? Get skinned by raiders? Drown in a vault?

My mission is once again to find another place to sleep at and write from.


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3 thoughts on “The mayor of Diamond City is a confirmed nazi (and I lost my apartment)

  1. Cool blog! I actually haven’t played Fallout 4, since I’m not a big first-person gamer (the first few I played way-back-when made me very sick so I’ve sort of avoided them), but I’m sorry to hear Diamond City is giving you such a hard time. If you ever stop by Thedas or Hyrule, though, let me know and I can set you up!

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