Local shop owner harassed


I got reports on a man getting harassed in Bunker Hill.
Indications points to it being several perpetrators, doing repeated organized attacks against the shop. Their identities are unknown.

Arriving in Bunker Hill, I met a kind, hard working man.

He owns a shop named Hilter, where he makes and repairs hilts for tools, swords, knifes and the like. You name it.


Despite it’s size, his quaint, little shack sees high activity, enabling a wide selection of items available for sale. This is much thanks to his open business policy where he takes on all the jobs he’s offered.

Immediately after introducing myself as a reporter, he, being the diligent craftsman he is, eagerly showcased his best work.


“Look! I made an ordinary board like this -“


“Into this. Pretty neat, huh? With this you can scare away bad guys, like, grrrr, watch out no-gooders!”.


“And just Whapow! Whooa!”


Ouch! Hurt my finger. Can’t have the store looking like this. Hold on. Gotta get this out before the wood soaks it in.

It was not apparent to me why someone would do any harm to this man. As far as I could see, he was nothing other than an asset to the community.

Hilter: I don’t know why or who is doing it, throwing rocks and breaking my stuff. The local authority is virtually non-existent, so no help there.

He sleeps at a shack nearby, since the store is filled with items. I  offered to stay vigil around the corner to see if I could catch the perps red-handed.

I, of course, fell asleep after an hour of watching absolutely nothing happen. Didn’t sleep long though.

A bunch of kids woke me up from a confusing dream, for which I’m thankful.


Kid: He is a bad man. Why do you hang around with him?

Me: I’m a reporter. Catching stories is what I do.

Kid: Well, report this!

The kids walked up to the store in an almost ominous way and started throwing rocks at it. I flew as fast as I could over to the hilter and woke him up. He then ran to the store and confronted the kids.

Hilter: Stop it! I’m just a hilter. Why are you doing this?

Kid: You fascist!

They threw a few more rocks before running away.


“Follow me! We can still get one of them”

I just had to tell him to stop. He now knew who’s responsible and could take care of it when he’d cooled down. Preferably with their parents.


Me: Leave them be. You know who’s responsible now. You can sort it out in the morning, preferably with their parents.

Hilter: You’re right.. I’m just so damn frustrated. This has been going on for so long. It’s gotten to the point where I’m losing customers.



Hilter: The damage is done, but I’ll rebuild. Somehow. Like many times before. It’s so sad. Oh, lords have mercy on me.

He went a bit dramatic here. The damage wasn’t that bad.

Walking further away from the shop trying to get some good shots, I noticed a possible explanation for the vandalism.


Me: Uhm.. The neon letters on the wall here. What do they say?

Hilter: Hilter.

Me: Aha. You might want to take a closer look.

Hilter: Oh my. Haha! Now that you say it. I see it now. No wonder the kids were pissed. I wonder why the grown-ups here didn’t react to it though.

Me: How come you haven’t seen it before?

Hilter: I’m dyslexic. I asked a friend if he could make it for me. I just handed him a note with the order. He is a very polite fellow. Come to think of, too polite.

Me: Seems like you need some help getting that fixed. Shall we?

Hilter: Let’s get to work!

So, folks, the moral of this event is that if someone seems bad, it’s probably just a misunderstanding. Or, don’t have kids, or something. Not sure if there’s anything to learn from this. Maybe something along the lines of “Be a friend and tell them”.

Don’t be polite!
I’ll work on it.


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