Phresh Pheed

Assaulted in Hangman’s Alley

Breaking news!

I got jumped in the streets of Hangman’s Alley. Thanks to my lightning reflexes, I managed to get a photo of him in the act.

Spoiler: My camera went off accidentally as he startled me.

Spoilerer: He was just repairing a clothing booth.

Spoilerest: It was really a glitch. This happened in Hangman’s Alley where garden plots with belonging plants were placed on top of metal prefabs. This particular ghoul couldn’t handle just that, of which I am glad.

And a bonus glertch:

A cow standing on the roof. It is unknown how it got there.

This guy found no room at street level. Tf is he doing?

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  1. Awesome post!
    -Luna 🙂

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