Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 1/16 – Einstein


Let’s start off with the absolute worst interview of them all. The subject, a being that must have been failed by everything and everyone.
I wish I knew that beforehand, before interviewing this uncomfortable individual.

Meet “Einstein”.

Name: Einstein (allegedly)
Occupation: Upyoursifier (allegedly)


RR: Hi! How are you? I’m-

Einstein: Dummy. Oh, my Goood, your name is Dummy! I’m Einstein. Haha.

RR: Good one. I’m interviewing people for an article. It’s my first time, really, so go easy on me. He he. I’ll ask questions, and you answer as you wish.

Einstein: Like a third degree? What are you, a detective?

RR: No, I just want to know what you do around here. I’m making an article for a..

Einstein: I’m an Upyoursiffier..

RR: How do you spell that?

Einstein: Up. Yours.

RR: Ok, I see where this is going. Thank you for your time.

Notes: I need to review my subject selection method.
This is not the kind of interview I want.


Let’s consider this a test-interview.
My second subject was a bit more relaxed, and a lot easier to interview.

Click the image below to see how my interview with Doug went.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 2 Doug

Residents of vault 88 - Back to prelude.png


Click here for the previous article in the series, before the interviews.


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