Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 2/16 – Doug


This interview was a lot less confrontational. Not entirely frictionless though.
Operating on the fringe of a fascist dictatorship is bound to make anyone a bit jittery.

Meet Doug.

Name: Doug

Occupation: Reserve labor / Herbalist


RR: Cool hat!

Doug: Thanks. Made it myself.

RR: So, what does a guy like yourself do around here?

Doug: I’m part of the reserve labor force. I’m kind of like a spare resource they use if someone get’s sick. Nothing too advanced though. 

RR: That sounds pretty chill.

Doug: Totally. In my ample amount of spare time, I pull my weight in terms of herbalized recreation for the people in need, if you know what I mean.

RR: Let’s say I don’t. What do you mean?

Doug: Oh.. Um. I misspoke. I grow… I grow plants and flowers for beautification of people’s rooms.

RR: I thought personal plant care was forbidden in the vault. Where do you grow these things?

Doug: Well, getting outside the vault isn’t really that hard once you know..  Wait, who are you really? What’s with the invasive questions? You’ve got nothing on me.

RR: No, I –

Doug: Narc!

Notes: No questions regarding possible unlawful activities.

Again, a not-so-successful dialogue.
Next up, a real fitness freak enthusiast.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 3 Izabelle

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