Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 3/16 – Izabelle


One of the more pleasant characters in Vault 88. Hard working, or shall we say, hard workouting? I tried. Nevermind.

Meet Izabelle.

Name: Izabelle / Belle
Occupation: Personal trainer


RR: Howdy! Can I ask you a few questions for an article I’m writing?

Belle: Yeah, sure. Ask away. I’m Izabelle, by the way. Belle for short. Fits well with me being a personal trainer and like to work out with dumbbells. Belle. Dumbbells. Get it? Haha! Some people call me “Is a dumb belle”. Not as great a name. Just Belle is fine.

RR: With the abundance you guys live in, I guess working out is important to fend off incoming attackers, am I right?

Belle: Yeah. It’s vault policy. Everyone has to work out, except for that damn preacher, Kane. We call him Corpulent Kane.

RR: So there are exceptions?

Belle: Yeah, but only that guy and the Overseer for some reason, so my job is safe.

RR: As a ghoul, do you really need to work out?

Belle: Yeah, you know, I prefer the term ‘radically capable’. As a “ghoul”, like you call it, I can basically do what I love forever, to work out and make others work out too. I’m a workoutaholic. Haha! I can probably kick everyone’s ass here.

RR: I bet you can.

“Einstein”: Hey! Dumb Belle!

Belle: Fuck you! Come here!

Notes: Thank you, “Einstein“, for ruining another interview.

That was my cue to move on to the next interviewee.


Residents of vault 88 Coco 4

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