Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 6/16 – Schwanhild


For those who believe in the concept of “sin”, look away. The Casino is next. A colorful place with just as colorful characters.

This guy popped up before I could even get myself a beer.

Meet Schwanhild. A man.

Name: Schwanhild
Occupation: Casino host / Entertainer


Schwanhild: Hello! I hear yoo were interjewing peeple.

RR: Hi there! Your accent is a great place to start. I take it you’re not born in the vault?

Schwanhild: I am in fact given birth in ze volt. I vas even raized in dis wunderbar volt. I Studied a Bavarian book ven I vas a kinder and like lightning from ze sky I became Schwanhild, ze entertainer.

RR: Interesting name. Why did you pick a feminine variant?

Schwanhild: VAT?! It is not feminist. I havf positif proof it is a manly name. It means battle zwan. Very manly.

RR: Okay, I believe you. So, what does a Bavarian do in a vault?

Schwanhild: I run dis clazzy casino and entertain by swallowing zordz and zerving drinks on fire.

RR: Sounds dangerous.

Schwanhild: No, I am a zkilled pro, so nothing ever happenz. Here, let me show yoo. My biggest zord. Maybe I zhood zoak it in fodka and ignite it. Ach ja, wunderbar idea. Zank yoo!

RR: No, please, don’t do that. I believe you. I won’t have any part in this. Thank you. Bye!


I figured it would be smart to get as far away as possible from the future accident. On to the next “interjew”.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 7 Alastair

Residents of vault 88 - Back to prelude

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