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Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 8/16 – Bill


Who hasn’t even once, wished they could be a part of the wild west for a day?

Be it a gunslinger, to be part of the action, a bartender, to observe the action up-close, or merely a generic bystander, to witness the stand-offs at a distance.

If they had antibiotics, vaccines and chemotherapy, I’d be happy to join the crowd (or the black-hat gang).

Meet Bill.

Name: Bill / Billy The Kid
Occupation: Agriculturalist / Cowboy

Bill Billy The Kid inHydrophonics.png

RR: Bwah! *Cough* Damn *cough* –

Bill: You alright?

RR: It’s all the plants. Smells like hell in here. Nevermind that. How about you? Raking in the dough, huh?

Bill: Never heard that one before. Haha! Raking in the dough. You’re all right. First impressions are important. Especially in the old west. The wild west.

RR: You like the wild west?

Bill: It’s the best. Name’s Bill. I answer to Billy The Kid as well. You can call me that if you want to.

RR: Considering the strict rules around here, how do you find time to realize, or even entertain your dreams?

Bill: Imagination is your best friend down here. I like to pretend the hydroponics area is the field at my ranch. At my ranch, I work hard. I work hard as hell, raking in the dough. Gonna start using that one. Raking dough. Hah!

RR: What does a wild west-aficionado spend his hard earned money on?

Bill: I buy as much ammo for my six shooter as I can. Firing off rounds at the range is my favorite thing in the world. Shame the Overseer won’t let us carry guns around. Tried applying for a job as a guard, but apparently I’m a “red flag”, so I carry this wooden replica Bob made me, pretending it’s my pistol while walking into the saloon – the casino – and have myself some whiskey like the cowboys did.

RR: We all need a form of escapism once in a while.

Bill: I hear ya’. Speak of the devil and he doth appear. Look, there’s that damn Doug again.

RR: You have dogs here? I haven’t seen anyone.

Bill: No, it’s that annoying bohemian. Sssh, here he comes.

Doug: Howdy, partner! Can you plant a few of these seeds f-

Bill: Go. Away. I’m not stupid. How many times… If this was the wild west, I’d challenge you to a duel, like “not in my town, gringo” and pew pew. You’d be toast.

Doug: Rad, dude. Could go for some toast right now.

Bill: Damnit, Doug!

Doug: Shit! The narc again. C’yah.

RR: I’m a reporter!

Bill: Never mind him. He is… Challenged.

RR: Oh, you don’t say? Haha.

Bill: Well, I reckon’ it’s time to giddyup n’ get to work. These dern corncobs ain’t gonna reap themselves. Gonna have to catch ya’ later, old pal.

RR: So long, partner!

Nice guy that. If all the subjects were that nice, this interview thing would be a breeze.
The next guy was not as talkative as this one though.

In the next interview, watch a social faux pax deluxe edition extra ordinaire unravel.


Click here for the previous article in the series, before the interviews.

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