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Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 10/16 – Raymond


This one was painful. I have never felt this sorry for anyone. Ever.

Meet Raymond.

Name: Raymond

Occupation: “Reporter”


RR: Whoopdeedoo, fellow vault dweller!

(I really gotta work on my intro’s)

Raymond: What?

RR: Hello! I’ve met a fellow writer I see.

Raymond: Hi!

RR: Are you a writer?

Raymond: I think so. I write and draw what people do.

RR: Kick-ass! You’re a reporter too?

Raymond: Yeah, the Overseer calls me that sometimes. Other times she calls me “savant”. It means I’m special.

RR: What do you think makes you special?

Raymond: People like to talk to me, and the Overseer gives me paper and pencils so I can write down what they are saying and give it back to her. Sometimes I draw cats on them. She says I can have a cat some day if I write many papers.

RR: Are people comfortable with you writing down what they’re saying?

Raymond: She says I must wait to write until they are gone. It is important to look at them when they are talking.

RR: Uhm…

Raymond: And if I’m tired, she gives me one of these red candies.

RR: She gives you Mentats? What the fuck?

Raymond: You shouldn’t say bad words. Oh no! She said I shouldn’t tell anyone about the papers. I won’t get a cat now.

(He started to shiver)

RR: Don’t worry. You don’t have to tell her. Also, remember not to tell her that you shouldn’t tell her, OK?

Raymond: Ok.

RR: It will be a secret between you and me. Write and draw as you usually do. Pretend this never happened, and you will be just fine.

Raymond: Ok. I want to be alone now.

RR: Sure, sure. Bye

Raymond: Bye.

Things are a bit more f’ed up than I first realized. You know what they say. The deeper you dig…

Next up, the medicine man.

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