Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 9/16 – Bob


This one was not a very talkative individual, but he had good reason for being so. It’s safe to say I overstepped some unspoken boundaries.

Meet Bob.

Name: Bob
Occupation: Builder / Fixer


RR: Hi! I take it you’re Bob? The builder?

Bob: …

RR: I hear you’re the fixer-upper around here.

Bob: (nods once)

RR: They name it, you either fix it or make it. A valuable asset to the community. That must be a fulfilling job.

Bob: …

RR: That was kind of a question, hehe.

Bob: (gives me a cold stare)

RR: You find materials and things easier to be around. No biases or unpredictable, irrational behaviour. They don’t argue or confront. Am I closing in on something here?

Bob: (he just sighs and continues to work)

RR: You’re not going to answer any of my questions, are you?

Bob: (hands me a note that says “no”)

: OK, then I’ll just write down what I think you want to say. Interrupt me if I’m wrong. *Clearing my throat* You have the idea that if you keep to yourself, doing what you’re told and satisfy the desires of others by making and fixing stuff for them, you avoid creating enemies and can die happy knowing you’ve led a mediocre, average life with as few ups and downs as possible.

Bob: (he hands me another note saying “I can’t speak. I am a mute”).

RR: Oh. I’m – uhm – thank you for your time. You’ve been great. Have a pleasant day. Sorry. Bye!

This, I think, has been the most embarrassing interview so far. Let’s see if I can top it.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 10 Raymond

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