Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 11/16 -Mario


The Doctor is the cornerstone of any society.

Be it a witch doctor, priest, shaman or a real one (yeah, come on, go to a real doctor). This is the guy everyone turns to when something doesn’t “feel quite right”.

 Meet Mario.

Name: Mario

Occupation: Doctor


RR: Dr. Mario is it? Remember you from the checkup when I first got here.

Mario: Yes. I’m busy, so if you could –

RR: Great! Never got to thank you for that by the way.

Mario: Please, I’m in the middle of an emergency.

RR: Aren’t you always? Haha. One quick question.

Mario: Seriously, are you not seeing the leaking body on my table?

RR: Totally. How is it being a doctor in Vault 88?

Mario: Dammit! Now there’s one less person who can talk in this room. Want to make it another one?

RR: Ah, I see. You mean me, don’t you?

Mario: Indeed. Now, if there’s no more interruptions, I’ll get back to removing a sword from a guys throat.

RR: Gotcha. Can I watch?

Mario: Get out!

NotesThis might not have been the time to staunchly utilize “never take no for an answer”.


I’m still practicing my interviewing skills, as you may have witnessed, I still have a lot of “development potential”, as some calls it (usually means you’re bad at something).

About the next interview. It’s really horrible. You may skip it. I encourage it. Here’s the link to the next one after Kane. It’s a doozy.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 12 Kane

Residents of vault 88 - Back to prelude

Click here for the previous article in the series, before the interviews.

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