Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 14/16 – Brandon


Looking for someone a bit more grounded than the last guy didn’t get me far.
This guy’s mind doesn’t work as hard as the previous, but less deranged. Not by much though.

Meet Brandon.

Name: Brandon
Occupation: Vault Security


RR: Hello there, officer!

Brandon: I know who you are. Ask away.

RR: Okay. Uhm… Ever shot someone?

Brandon: Not intentionally, no.

RR: I sense there’s an interesting story behind it.

Brandon: Well, that depends on the eye of the beholder. But, anyway. Me and Bill, a buddy of mine who likes to tag along on my rounds, was doing a security check up on the storage room after someone reported hearing some noise from there. So, I opened the door, it was dark, and – actually, it’s not that good of a story. Next question.

RR: So you and Bill are friends, huh? Nice guy that.

Brandon: Yeah. We are kind of the peace keepers around here. We call ourselves “The B-shooters”, because both our names start with B. He’s not allowed to carry a gun though.

RR: Sounds like pea-shooters.

Brandon: Actually it doesn’t, since no one but you thinks so. If anyone called us that we’d fill em with lead.

RR: Perfect reasoning. Have you ever had to use lethal force on anyone, resulting in death?

Brandon: Actually, no.

RR: Interesting. Do you think it’s because of the strict regulations or –

Brandon: Wait. Scratch that. Write “If someone breaks the law, I’ll give them a world of hurt.

RR: Sure. I’ll –

Brandon: And justice.

RR: Ok. So, what do you think ab-

Brandon: No, skip that. You know what, why don’t you give me a few minutes, and then come back? I need to think about this.

RR: Yeah, I’ll be back. C’yah!

Notes: I never came back.

So it seems that being a part of law enforcement doesn’t help in keeping someone closer to the ground here.

This place is starting to wear on me.

Residents of vault 88 Subject 15 John Vincent

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