Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 16/16 – Valery


This is what it all has been leading up to, where everything will be disclosed. Finally. Finally, a decent interview. At least that was what I thought before opening the gates of hell.

Meet Valery, the supreme leader of Vault 88.

Name: Valery

Occupation: Overseer


RR: Hello! I heard you wanted to be interv-

Valery: Get that thing out of my face. I will most certainly not give you an interview. This is OFF the record.

(yeah right, rude lady)

Valery: If I remember correctly, which I always do, you were told to put Vault 88 in a good light. Do you think for a second that people will move down here after reading that filth?

RR: I assure you, I’m only –

Valery: This little drawing tells me otherwise. A dumb doodle by our common acquaintance, Raymond.

RR: I report the real happenings, ok? I don’t fabricate –

Valery: That’s not going to get you anywhere around here. If anything, it will get you an early grave, after a very painful goodbye. Do we understand each other?

RR: Ok, fine. I’ll do as you say.

Valery: Wise decision. Now, leave my office, and don’t you ever forget what we have talked about here today.


Pff.. Like if. The world needs to know this.

But, I’ll be laying low for a while, playing along with her rules, and when she least expects it, wham!
One way or another I’m taking down this broad, by exposing whatever she’s doing here.

That’s it for the interviews in Vault 88. Phew

Residents of vault 88 - Back to prelude

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