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Hazardous new trend emerge in Boston


A new, potentially fatal trend has gripped the locals in post-apocalyptic Boston.

Several reports says people, of all ages, have been observed jumping and rolling around all over town.

The trend carries with it its share of unfortunate endings.

Fallout 4 Parkour gone wrong

Sights like these have not discouraged the bouncing daredevils

The new method of transportation is called parkour, and it seems to have become increasingly popular after the bombs fell.
As if living in the wasteland was not challenging enough.

Fallout 4 falling from slippery roof

Jumping off slippery rooftops when it is raining is not recommended.

Fallout 4 - Man attacked by mirelurks.gif

This unfortunate fellow tried to jump over a pool full of mirelurks.


Independent (like, really independent) surveys say parkour has become the main cause of death in the Commonwealth.

To combat this, the local authorities have a message to the adopters of this new trend:

Kids of all ages, be careful. It looks easier than it is.

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5 Comments on Hazardous new trend emerge in Boston

  1. Parkour: Still more immersive and lore friendly than Fast Travel. I started a new Fallout 4 game after listening to Gopher’s blind Let’s Play at work.

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    • Hah 😀 love it! Recently started a new survival save. The lack of fast travel is brutal


      • I tried to play this game without fast travel but I gave in so early. I am trying to put some restrictions on when I use it, however. But the other challenges I’m imposing with this game are no power armor (I’m trying to amp up my weapon power and non-power-armor strength) and to really make my settlements awesome so I am currently stockpiling weapons and armor, so some fast travel is needed to move all this inventory.

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