Food Poisoning At Ice Cream Store In Sapienza


A case of food poisoning broke out at a local Gelateria in Sapienza, Italy today.

None of the customers got sick, but both of the employees at the ice cream store were severely affected.

“The power went off a few times. I had to turn it back on manually. It should not have caused any spoiled food since we only sell ice cream and sorbet. They can handle themselves without power for a few minutes”

– The chef

Hitman woman barfing.png

Apologies if you are eating while reading this, but for the sake of journalism we need to feature a picture of a woman barfing.

Hitman man puking.png

And here, a man regurgitating his lunch, a bowl of Caesar salad.

The investigators said they did not find the source making the employee’s sick, and only had this to say:

“They’ll be fine. We’re not closing down a profitable joint just because of a few aching tummies”

– Investigator

Edit: Both the chef and the cashier say they found a needle mark in their backs.
The working theory now is that they were infected by an insect.

Disclaimer: Game Cosmos Press feels the headline is not misleading. Even though no food contamination was found, the public needs to be informed of possible gastronomic hazards.

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