Friction In ‘All Faiths Chapel’


A priest, A rabbi and an Imam met in a chapel.

This might sound like the set-up to a joke, but it is of a more serious sort.
The ‘
All Faiths Chapel‘ in Diamond City, Boston, is meant to be a place for worship, reflection and contemplation.

Reports from the area tells another story. The neighbour complaints consists of loud quarreling and sounds of things breaking, among other things.

Game Cosmos Press went to investigate.

Fallout 4 all faiths chapel.png

The building itself is a humble one, as clergies themselves also claim to be.

Religion doesn’t get the same amount of funding here in the post-apocalypse.

Without government subsidies and generous pockets, non-producing organizations like these can barely sustain themselves.

Fallout 4 Crows ominous sign omen.png

A murder of crows on the roof, an almost ominous sign of what was to come.

On the inside, a handful of regulars prayed their worries away, or stared blankly at the roof (they may have been high), while the different religious leaders held their own sermons, at the same time.

The volume in there is less than optimal for silent contemplation.

Fallout 4 Praying.png

I don’t know if it works, and I don’t know which one of them to pray to, so I pray to all of them. One of them has got to be the right one, right? Right?

– Praying guy

Meet the Clergy

Their common goal: Uniting all faiths, while keeping the individual distinctions (what?)

None of them could explain how this could be achieved, and they disagreed on most things, except the solution to the radiation problem.

“Pray the rad away”

The other thing they agreed to focus on was what hat to wear. An ongoing, hot topic.

In their common opinion, anything other than a formal top hat would be too nonsensical and even blasphemous.

The big disagreement was on which symbol they would use on the hat. All three next to each other was out of the question since the one in the middle would be seen as the most important. Also the one on the left since it would be first. And to the right since some read from the right. Combining them into one would be, according to them, an abomination.

That’s when the altercation escalated.

Fallout 4 FIght still.png

For peace promoting holy men, they were mysteriously well versed in the book of brawling.

For purely journalistic purposes, the highlights from the “discussion”:

Fallout 4 Clergy fight breaks out.gif

Without a struggle, there can be no progress

– Frederick Douglass

Progress comes at a price (or a fist). These guys know that all too well, but that may be a good thing. 

One has to give them credit when they do make progress. They now even perform man&robot weddings, after heavy demand from the public (and a few strong right hooks).

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