A No Is Indeed A No

Fallout 4 Pushing gym memberships

Exploiting people’s insecurities is a no-no. Especially when it looks like the seller himself is too weak to pull his own pants up.


How to fall for sales tactics

Seller: You look like one who needs a great gym membership.

Me: What? Uhm. Why?

Seller: Everybody needs to stay in shape. Listen to this offer bla bla bla *regurgitating quasi-scientific mumbo jumbo*

Me: *Buys unnecessarily expensive membership plan*


Seller: You sure look like you –

Me: I really don’t need a gym membership.

Seller: Sure you do.


Also Me: *signs up for expensive plan to show him I’m not a wimp*


How to not get pulled in

Seller: You look like one who needs a great gym membership.

Me: So do you.

To all gym membership-pushers: 

I want to have a heart attack in front of my computer, while happy. Not at the gym, drenched in sweat.

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