PC Minefield

Arma II offensive kebab

It’s a minefield out there.

(social climate deniers begone from this page henceforth and so forth and such, to avoid being offended)

In this day and age, offending a random individual on a regular basis is practically. It seems to be easier to offend than not to.

But do not fret, here’s a few tips for the socially cautious:

  • Don’t order black coffee
  • Don’t order white bread
  • Never order anything your ancestors didn’t eat
  • Never eat out
  • Certainly no take-away (see below)
  • By no means order anything you are not 100% sure how is pronounced in its country of origin
  • Don’t call delicious brownies, ‘brownies’. An alternative name can be ‘fudge-packed chocolate squares‘.

Actually, never interacting with anyone is the safest way to stay safe. Make your own safe space.

Space might be a safe place. If you find a way to get to space without offending anyone, let me know.

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