47 Hangs Out With Robert De Niro

Our favorite silent assassin finally got to hang out with one of his all time heroes.
47, in a rare occurrence, sent us a few of his favorite moments.

Hitman mafioso showing 47 the sights 236870_20170608183732_1.png

“Really loved your performance in ‘Meet The Fock – I mean ‘Ronin’. I loved Ronin.”

The widely known celebrity introduced 47 to other celebrities (that 47 didn’t know who was).

Hitman 47 meeting other celebs 236870_20170608184036_1.png

As many exciting evenings, this too started with a few glasses of fermented grapes.

Hitman 47 having a drink with celebrity 236870_20170611124147_1.png

“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends”

With bolstered courage, 47 were taught how to approach Italian belladonna’s.

Hitman 47 picking up chicks with celeb.png

Open mic night – Not everyone is a natural born performer.

HItman 47 saying the wrong things on stage.png

“Yikes! Uhm… No no, we don’t say guido here”

De Niro challenged 47 to a shot contest.

Hitman 47 Celeb got drunk had to be dragged.png

Turns out 47 has an extremely high alcohol tolerance.

As almost required in an all-nighter, a bit of friendly wrestling between the newfound bro’s ensued.

Hitman friendly game of wrestling 236870_20170611125830_1.png

With years of fieldwork behind him, 47 had the upper hand

In the heat of the moment, Robert accidentally called 47 a clone, a word he is somewhat sensitive of.

Hitman 47 has his feelings hurt 236870_20170611125408_1.png

“That’s our word. It stings when others use it”

They made up, and 47 was happy again. So happy that he found the courage to show off his mad skills on the dance floor.

Hitman mad skillz on teh dance floor.gif

Knowing the bromancing was nearing its end, 47 hid for a while to postpone the inevitable

Hitman 47 hiding from celeb 236870_20170611125149_1.png

The end approacheth… Approachetheded. Approached.

One had to go back to being a great actor. The other, to silently assassinating others.

They shook hands and nodded, parting ways without saying a word, like badass manly men do.

Hitman saying goodbye to mafioso 236870_20170608183751_1.png

Disclaimer: The article does not necessarily depict the real, legendary Robert De Niro. As GCP cannot 109% confirm eyewitness accounts. This may just have been a guy who looked really like him.

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