Parkour: Two Kinds Of Spectators

skyrim spectator hoping he misses the jump.jpg

The worse of the two is exemplified in this post.

skyrim possible psycopath spectator.jpg

In this example, the main difference between them, would be the spectator’s level of introspection.

Want more parkour-skit? Check out another shadowy side of parkour, like this one in post-apocalyptic Boston.

All parkour-related articles below this sentence (like magic!):

Disclaimer: The author of this article finds parkour “lit & legit” as the young’n’s say at the current time.

Secret disclaimer: There’s a slight possibility that there’s a ton more types of spectator’s, but for the convenience (and dramatically reducing the work needed to make this) of this “article”, just two of them were considered, and presented.

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