The Pack’s Groundbreaking Primal Fashion Show

Fallout 4 Primal Fashion show sign

The Pack. A raider gang who recently expanded into the Commonwealth, wants to dispel the myth that they are not snappy dressers.

To achieve this, they set up a fashion show showcasing their diverse variety of exciting attire (and guns).

Have a peek at their promo video:

The opening was as impressive as it was stomach-turning.

A rain of both animal and human remains were shot out of cannons over the spectators, accompanied by firebreathing turrets, fireworks and seizure inducing lights.

Fallout 4 The Pack Primal Fashion Opening.gif

The opening reinforced The Pack’s savage and wild, primal image. It set the stage for the rest of the show.

In stark contrast to their connection with the primal side of things, they show some serious skill in advanced electrical engineering.

Fallout 4 advanced wiring.png

Despite behaving as a pack, as their gang name suggests, they show a high degree of individuality by designing a wide range of creative wearables.

They take special pride in their headwear.

Let’s get down to business

The show started off easy, with a model wearing a shawl and a beanie. The undecorated beanie is a common headpiece among the pack, usually worn by members lower in the hierarchy

Fallout 4 fashion show beanie.png

Next on the runway, a slightly more colorful get up. The standard beanie is now combined with a hockey mask and a beak, closely resembling a crow. It’s ​paired with a fitting feather necklace.

The hugging plushy on his leg was a nice touch, balancing out the beak.

Fallout 4 crow mask.png

Third up is another animal themed mask. This time, an elephant. The designer missed a few golden opportunities by choosing to only utilize torn fabrics alongside the great mask.

Fallout 4 the pack elephant mask.png

A closeup. The furry arm bracers also missed the mark, as it’s been quite some time since elephants had fur.

Fallout 4 the pack elephant mask closeup.png

Following the elephant, we saw a safer choice, the classic horned helmet tweaked to look like a buffalo. Bonus points for useful design with jamming a gas filter in the snout.

Fallout 4 buffalo helmet.png

After a short break (I heard fighting noises behind the stage) the show heated up, both literally and figuratively.

Down the catwalk came a stunning figure dressed in a carnival mask and bones all over the place.

The Pack takes mating rituals seriously, as confirmed by the outfit aptly named “The boning uniform”.

Fallout 4 boning costume with carnival mask.png

The catcalling at the catwalk only increased when the next pantyless member entered the stage.

The male version of “The boning uniform” called “The Horny Armored Stud”, consists of a deer helmet paired with a studded armor.

Fallout 4 deer mask.png

The crowd’s enthusiasm died down and turned into booing when the next model dawdled down the runway. The headpiece was a provisory samurai helmet with twigs held together with rubber bands, and a kitty-face-button on the front.

Fallout 4 pack helmet standard.png

According to local sources, it was an attempt to make a uniform, compulsory headwear.

Not a popular decision.

This guy wasn’t part of the show. I found him in the crowd. His helmet and face tattoos were decently awesome. Kind of like a post apocalyptic viking

Fallout 4 post apocalyptic viking.png

The most disturbing display of the show was this deeply unsettling jaguar mask. Without a doubt designed to scare bejeebers out of anyone and anything. According to a pack member, it once scared off a Yao Guai.

Fallout 4 The Pack Jaguar Helmet.png

The last clothing rack followed the line of intimidating guises. This is apparently their A-Game in terms of front-line heavy combat gear. Guys with this helmet charges against the enemy headbutting them.

It raises an important question. These guys doesn’t give a shit, do they?

Fallout 4 Moose helmet.png

The final entry down the runway was the lead designer and event organizer.

He was introduced with loud cheering, music, flashing lights and flames. Obviously a popular guy.

Fallout 4 The Pack masked helm.png

One has to hand it to the pack. They do know how to put on a good show. And their fashion is on point.


A fashion show is not complete without some all-but-subtle ad placement. Bottles of Bobrov’s Best Moonshine were placed strategically around the place.

Fallout 4 product placement ad bobrovs moonshine.png

Coincidentally, no one seems to remember the after-party.

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