The Water Spins What Way, You Say?

Bioshock What way does the water spin featured.png

Have you heard about the Coriolis effect?
It makes the toilet water swirl the other way when you flush in Australia.

If you have ever wondered what way the water spins when you flush a toilet in Rapture, wonder no more.

Bioshock toilet flush.gif

As you’ve now witnessed, it flows the right way, literally and figuratively.

Now you may ask yourself “What about the sink? Does it flow up?”

Bioshock sink.gif

That will be a disappointing no.
Goes straight down.
Would have been so cool if it had gone upward, but the math checks out.

Remember, folks. You saw it here first. Or in Rapture, but if that’s the case, I wish you luck. And how did you get internet down there (in the fifties)?


Addendum: The phenomenon does other things too, but not as kewl.

Addaddendum: It happens in other countries in the southern hemisphere as well, not just ‘stralia.

Addaddaddendum: Actually, this is just a myth. The Coriolis effect is not strong enough to affect a toilet flush (except in a perfectly conditioned environment)

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