Driving In Every Movie Ever

Far Cry 4 driving in every movie ever.gif

Why do people drive like this in movies? Have they never driven a car before? Or seen how a car is handled in real life?

Isn’t it weird?

Imagine how that kind of driving would look like. The GIF above is from Far Cry 4, which isn’t exactly a car simulator, but it would probably go along those lines in real life.

If you have a pet, this spastic driving would make it never jump in a car again.

It is a lot of wasted energy driving a car like this, and think of the damage it will do to your car! The car, man!
You probably won’t end up at your intended destination. Even when going down a straight road.

The same phenomenon appears to happen when an actor who has never touched a video game pretends to do so in a movie or series.

Lou Ferrigno playing playstation in king of queens.gif

Lou Ferrigno, the incredible hulk, gets an A for effort here.

I’m pressing all the buttons at the same time. THIS IS SO INTENSE!

– Actor

In many cases it is probably intentional overacting to make it clear to the viewer what they are doing. Unless for comedic effect, take it down a notch, perhaps?

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