Vacation mode – No posts for about a week


All staff (consisting of 1 dude) on Game Cosmos Press will be taking a much needed vacation.

There will be no posts coming this week. Primarily because I’m shit at planning things, and didn’t finish any posts in time to schedule through the week.

Expect posts to be popping up again from July 17th. Starting with the “Kyrat Travel Guides”.

Far Cry 4 Boat chasing elephants

Cell coverage will be limited, but I’ll check in now and then, if possible πŸ™‚

Update: Turns out there are some memes still left in the draft bin. Maybe a few of them will find their way on here during the week.

Vacation mode initiated.

Hitman Sapienza overlook 236870_20170608021254_1

Update 2: Vacation was great. Gained about 10 tons of weight. Spent everything I had, probably. Haven’t dared check the bank statement.

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