Kyrat Travel Guide: Overview

Namaste, fellow travelers!

Exotic fauna. Stunning Flora. An adrenaline junkie’s paradise. The land of breathtaking panorama.

Kyrat is many things.

Far cry 4 take a deep breath - relax

The land of beauty and beasts lies in the Himalayas. That’s how you know it will be an exciting, thrilling adventure from start to finish.

Far Cry 4 snow landscape 298110_20170630164513_1

This travel guide will hopefully prepare you for a trip you will never forget.

Quick tip: Everyone speaks perfect English there, so language shouldn’t be a problem (I assume you know English, since you’re reading this and all).

For your convenience, it is split into 9 parts, so you can pick what you need (and save those hard earned rupees when roaming).

A good place to start would be “Getting around”.

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