Kyrat Travel Guide: Getting Around

Far Cry 4 Sherpa 298110_20170703133604_1.png

Sherpas. The only badasses that can take you safely to the snowy mountaintops.

Getting to see the sights and explore Kyrat is hard without knowing how to get around. So here is the rundown on ways to travel around this magnificent country.

Kyrat lacks a metro, trains, and even cabs (unless you count jumping on the back of a pickup truck with strangers a cab). It will be up to you to find a suitable mode of transportation.

Motorized Vehicles

Cars are always unlocked for some reason, and no one seems to mind you taking one for a ride, so find the nearest car and press the pedal to the metal.

There are roadblocks and checkpoints here and there, but just drive around (or through). As a tourist, all you’ll get is a great gunfire salute.

Hot tip: How to fix your car.

Far Cry 4 tuk tuk 298110_20170629221500_1.png

Tuk Tuk / Auto Rickshaw

Far Cry 4 four wheeler 298110_20170702233954_1.png

Navigating the narrow roads is easy as a breeze in a four wheeler

Far Cry 4 kick ass hippie truck

If you need to get somewhere and wanna get high at the same time, get into one of these.

Far Cry 4 snow scooter snowmobile.png

A snowmobile is a great machine if you venture into a snow covered area. Or just wake up there for some reason.



Need to cover some distance in a jiffy?
Get a Buzzer.

Far Cry buzzer 298110_20170708090316_1.png

Bad pic. Was standing in an opium field, and… you know,

It’s a small chopper (not like in motorcycle, but a helicopter). It’s not exactly an Apache attack helicopter, but it’ll do.

Far Cry 4 buzzer flying under bridge.gif

Soaring through the air in a home-welded, duct-taped metal rod with rotors really makes you feel alive.


The Sea-nic route

If you prefer a relaxing sailing down the many rivers of Kyrat, find (take) a boat. People here seriously don’t take any measures to prevent their vehicles from getting “borrowed”.

Chase elephants. Play with newfound friends. The possibilities are numerous with a boat.

Far Cry 4 Boat chasing elephants.gif



Hitchhiking may take you to places unknown. Some find it frightening, others exciting.
Getting on the back of a car steered by rebels is a surefire way to kickstart your journey.

Far Cry 4 golden path woman smoking

What can possibly go wrong, right?

Watch out for freeloaders. Jumping into your car and showing the finger:

Far Cry 4 flipping the bird 298110_20170615002811_1.png

Watch out for freeloaders jumping onto your car, flipping the bird.

The transportation methods in this backwards (or progressive?) country is free (seemingly), but other stuff is not.

Next up: Currency. Crucial for acquiring resources for further travels.

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