Kyrat Travel Guide: Currency

Far Cry 4 merchant 298110_20170626134815_1.png

One of the most confusing things when travelling abroad can be the currency. The conversion rate is quickly forgotten and you spend a lot more money than intended. Don’t get me started on price.

Okay, let’s talk about prices. Confusing prices. Kyrat is no exception.
If you often find yourself struggling to choose a brand of chocolate in the store, Kyrat will be a real challenge.
A notable example of a conundrum you may be facing is deciding between condoms, 1600 rupees, versus malaria pills, 5000 rupees.

“Do I want to cover my hump before I stump, or cure my malaria? Hmm.. Tough choice. Guess I’ll bag it and tag it! Malaria doesn’t kill everyone, right?”

– Tourist in Kyrat (Now deceased. May he rest in peace)

Other weird prices:

  • Chewing gum – 3000
  • Bag of weed – 1800
  • Bengal Tiger skin 7000 (!!)

Hot tip: Smuggle Bengal Tiger skin out of Kyrat. Buy chewing gum in another country. Go back to Kyrat and sell those rubbery things. Get rich.

Kyrat is basically a planned economy, since the government runs all industry in the country. Without a free market to determine the price according to supply and demand, of course the prices will get fucked up.

“I really need to cure my malaria, but that’s an awfully racy picture (5000 rupees)”

– Someone who had a dilemma (may the spirits have mercy on her)

Hot tip #2: Watch out for counterfeit/fake items:

Far Cry 4 knock-off GPS 298110_20170703132416_.png

I bought one, and boy did I get lost.

Shops aren’t the easiest to come by, as they are not on every corner. If you do happen to find one, go in, take a look, and spend that funny looking cash.

Disclaimer: I did, and it wasn’t a clever move. Got a lot of nice souvenirs though.

Far Cry 4 shop 298110_20170629223614_1.png

Another excellent souvenir:

Far Cry 4 rugs 298110_20170630011819_1.png


If you can’t find a shop, don’t worry. Merchant sherpas can be found walking around everywhere, willing to buy anything you can offer.


Far cry 4 sherpa everywhere 298110_20170626145015_1 (1)

Everywhere! Found this guy high atop a mountain in the freezing himalayas

Before you spend your hard-earned rupees on souvenirs, you might want to try out the local cuisine. What better way to spend your money than on food and drinks?

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