Kyrat Travel Guide: Food and drink

Far Cry 4 Kyrati Lager Beer298110_20170703014014_1.png

According to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’, food and water is one of our most important, basic needs to survive. But who says it has to be boring?

Far cry 4 boring drinks


The Kyratis know how to make much out of the limited supply. Why not try out a few of the local specialities?

Open your senses for both taste and smell. The Kyrati cuisine is a treat.


Liquid Love

The selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage is great in this place. A bottle of booze is a lot easier to find than bottled water, but waking up with a dry mouth makes drinking from a nearby river a lot more palatable.

Far cry 4 insanity in a bottle 298110_20170630015802_1

(40%) Flasked madness

Far cry 4 rum-rhum298110_20170630014717_1

(50%) Absolute insanity in a bottle.

In lack of fresh, clean water, a good advice is to stay with beer as far as possible. You’ll find plenty.

Kyrati lager beer 298110_20170624144743_1

Kyrati Lager Beer.

Far cry 4 genuine draft beer 298110_20170629204912_1.png

Genuine Draft Beer is a great alternative to Kyrati Lager.

The tea ‘Kyra Tea’ is amazing. It’s all over the place. Finding water to dip it in is not so all-over-the-place.

Far cry 4 kyra tea molotov298110_20170626135346_1

Warming water with a molotov cocktail. Not so great.

Far cry 4 papore soda 298110_20170630163839_1.png

Papore Soda, a hard-to-get/find non-alcoholic alternative.


Feeding Frenzy

Forget the stress of huge, labyrinthine markets. Like when borrowing vehicles, the friendly people of Kyrat do not mind you taking their food. They just act like nothing happened if you steal take their sustenance.

Far Cry 4 kitchen 298110_20170702233847_1.png

“Take whatever you need, wherever you find it, whenever.”

– Kyrati hospitality norm


Far cry 4 dried food 298110_20170702210323_1.png

The cuisine consists mostly of dried food

Far cry 4 preservatives 298110_20170630163823_1.png

And preservatives

Dried food and preservatives are traditionally seen as bland and tasteless.
Forget that.
Here, it is an experience. A delight!

Disclaimer: It may or may not have been due to the scarcity of food. I.E. walking 2 days without so much as a popcorn.

Hot tip: Join the Royal Army, and you will be awarded the best a totalitarian country can give, and loyal service get.

Far cry 4 roast 298110_20170702235741_1.png

Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone.


Dining like a king

If you are ever so lucky, to be invited by the king, to a royal meal.
DO. NOT. REFUSE. Or you will be shot.

My trip there didn’t end that well, but that’s another story.

Far cry 4 dinner with pagan min 298110_20170703130835_1.png

Pagan Min throws an extravagant dinner-experience.

Being Saying you’re a journalist has it’s perks.


After a good meal, enjoy a ‘Kyrati Royals’ cigarette.

Far Cry 4 kyrati royals cigarette 298110_20170630031313_1

Sorry. They sponsored this thing, so… Yeah.


If you’re not the “join-any-group-if-they-offer-free-food”-type, you can still enjoy a raw beef by hunting it down yourself.

Coincidentally, in the next article, we’ll look at Kyrat’s animal life.

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