Kyrat Travel Guide: Animal Life

Far Cry 4 eagle flying through the skies 298110_20170708185015_1.png

Kyrat is pretty much every animal photographers dream (of those who know of the country, mostly).

Going home without having shot the “big five” is, according to local myth, said to give bad luck.

Kyrat’s “Big Five”:

  • Ghost Bear
  • Sky Tiger
  • Black Water Dragon
  • Mad Devil
  • Yeti

Honestly, this sound like just a marketing stunt to get people to visit this place, and to avoid bad luck, revisit, due to the inability to find any of them.
I didn’t see any of them. But fret not, there’s more than enough to see and do without fairy-tale animals.

Far Cry 4 polaroid of animals in kyrat

One major behavioural difference between the animals here and everywhere else, is that all of them really aggressive. Even the pigs (it took my sandwich. Hyper aggressive move).

Far Cry 4 dog attacks woman sepia.gif

Old archival footage shows these unprovoked attacks have been a problem for as long as cameras could record them.

Their hostile nature may be why the Kyratis put them in cages for tourists to pet them. Kind of like a Zoo. A high, number one, tip-top recommendation would be not to pet them. It is safer not to.

Far Cry 4 snow leopard in cage 298110_20170629204739_1 (1).png

You will get great opportunities for some close-ups of eagles. They’re not shy. At all. If you come home without having had close contact with one, it’s weird.

Far Cry 4 eagle observed.gif

Disclaimer: In basically any other country, shooting any of these animals would be condoned. In Kyrat, on the other hand, the locals struggle with overpopulation of unnaturally reproductive animals, so fire away.

Far Cry 4 wolf pack 298110_20170624144014_1.png

If there is one species who will not go extinct anytime soon, it’s the canines (dogs, wolves etc.).
Oh my, how the canines multiply. You can completely eradicate an entire area of them, and whaddya know, they’re back as soon as you’re over the hill.


As you’ve seen in this article, the animal life of Kyrat can be as deadly as it is beautiful. Be careful out there.

Hot tip: Eat raw meat. Eat like a badass survivor backpacker.

Far cry 4 butcher skinning animal.gif

Somewhat related, if you ever get sick or injured by the fauna in Kyrat, be sure to have skimmed through the Kyrat Travel Guide: Medical Services.

Bonus: Some Kyratis claim Yetis exist. It is repeated so much I thought I saw one myself. Got it on camera. It’s most likely just a huge, unproportionate, hairy guy.

Far cry 4 maybe got a yeti on cam 298110_20170705122941_1.png


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