Kyrat Travel Guide: Activities

Far Cry 4 quadbike on a hiking path 298110_20170702195215_1.png

Looking to get your dose of adrenaline? Kyrat offers a ton of activities to sate your inner adrenaline junkie.

Throwing yourself off a cliff in a wingsuit. Parachuting. Zip lining. Hunting.
The possibilities are practically endless for the daredevils. At least more than enough to fill the time until your tourist visa runs out.

A weirdly popular activity is climbing. I cannot claim that everyone is a climber there, but according to all the grappling spots, it must be so.

Far Cry 4 climbing grappling.gif

A great place to climb is at The Sleeping Saints

If you are an engine-driven adrenalinist, a vehicle is not longer than a stones throw away. There is no one enforcing traffic rules there, so you can drive according to your abilities (or lack of).

Far Cry 4 driving a snow mobile 298110_20170705122359_1.png

Driving a snowmobile at blazing speeds through the Himalayas is a thrilling experience. Drive safe (or not)


Getting social with the locals

There is almost always some fun in fraternizing with the locals. Dancing, for an instance, an instant bond-maker.

Far Cry 4 royal army soldiers dancing.gif

Serious army guys like to have fun too.

If you’re not into mingling with the army, get into some combat training with the rebels.

Far Cry 4 practice fighting 298110_20170703031115_1.png

For the more advanced fighter, you’ve got a lethal exciting arena filled with contenders to test your abilities.

Far Cry 4 arena crowd 298110_20170629202742_1.png

If this doesn’t get your blood rushing, nothing will.

Far Cry 4 fighting outside of arena.gif

Be sure to get a few practice rounds before entering.

For you not-so-martial explorer types, there’s ‘Orienteering’ with the Golden Path.
Loads of fun!

Far cry 4 orienteering 298110_20170703031204_1.png

“You’ve never known adrenaline before you’ve gone from a hang glider to a wingsuit to a parachute and straight into happy hour at a bar”

– Dude

Far Cry 4 motivational posters.png

The best motivational poster ever created

You’ve just seen some of the things you can do. Get over there and check out all the awesome stuff you can do.

Kyrat is not only for adrenaline-craving madmen. There’s lots to see as well.
For individuals not requiring breakneck action at every possible moment, there’s a lot of sightseeing to do.

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