Kyrat Travel Guide: Medical Services

Far Cry 4 a villager bandaging another 298110_20170702213841_1.png

Before venturing out in the unpredictable wilderness of Kyrat, let’s go through a few basic survival tips, and some more advanced medical procedures.

Kyrat is a pretty damn comfortable place. Lush and warm. Mostly. But some areas can freeze your A off.
So, remember to not stay out in the cold for too long.

It’s cold up in dem mountains.

Far Cry 4 guy frozen to death 298110_20170704154348_1.png

This guy took a nap. A hypothermic nap.

Far Cry 4 forgot cold cream.png

As you can see here, someone forgot cold cream lip balm.

Apply sunscreen, hydrate, take breaks, one can’t breathe underwater, and all the other basic yaddi-yaddi-stuff.

A first aid pen will cure just about anything. Got your bones messed up by gravity, velocity and dense mass? Stick that pen anywhere, and you’ll be throwing yourself off cliffs again in no time.

If you don’t have a first aid pen, there is still hope.


Advanced medical procedures

Travelling around Kyrat, it is unlikely you will get far without sustaining an injury. When (not if) that happens, you won’t have time to find a hospital (they barely have doctors here). When time is of the essence, quick thinking and unusual methods need to be used.

Far Cry 4 medical tools 298110_20170702230013_1.png

Forget about appropriate tools. They’re never around when you need’em.

Burn wounds

Clap your arm and you’re fine. Even if soaked in ignited gasoline.
Just a few taps will do. This is the least dangerous of them.

Far Cry 4 Putting out the fire.gif

Dislocated joints

Dislocated joints. Another minor issue.
Just do this:

Far Cry 4 fixing a broken finger.gif

Gunshot wound

Been accidentally shot by a hunter who mistook you for a badger?
Find a stick, jam it in the wound, and yank the bullet the hell out of there.

Far Cry 4 yanking out a bullet with a stick.gif

It’s easy.

Foreign Objects

If any foreign object find its way under your skin, forget the doctor’s advice on leaving it in, and do this:

  1. Clench your teeth
  2. Pull it out
  3. Scream
  4. Cry
  5. Carry on


Far Cry 4 pulling out metal objects from the arm.gif

Another option is combining step 1 and 2. Bite the object, and pull.

Open holes in the body

Bandage. Fixes. Everything.

Far Cry 4 bandaging arm.gif

The worst of them all

Finally, the absolute worst medical situation imaginable. Arguably, worse than a papercut, or banging your pinky toe.

Far Cry 4 spliter in the finger 298110_20170630023749_1.png

The Splinter

The only option you’ve got if you find yourself in this situation, is to panic and run in any direction until you find a professional.
No matter the size of the splinter. You need immediate help.

If you can’t find help, stoically accept your fate and assume the position you want your body to be found in.


Now that the basic necessities are covered, you probably wonder what kind of adrenaline filled activities is available.

Here you go!

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