Kyrat Travel Guide: Sightseeing

Far Cr y4 underground temple 298110_20170703011006_1.png

What do tourists do? They see sights.

Okay, not everyone spends their time abroad checking out sights, but most do.

Whether you are a pop-cultural sightseer or want to chill out and watch historic or otherwise magnificent stuff, Kyrat will not disappoint.
Deep, claustrophobic caves. Tall, snowy mountains. The himalayan pearl offers great photo opportunities all over the place.

What better way to display the rich-in-sights-Kyrat, than a –


Far cry 4 looks like but is not skyrim 298110_20170702194151_1.png

Wait, what? This isn’t a Skyrim travel guide… Oh, wait again. This is actually Chuck Testa Kyrat. Diverse surroundings you will find.

Far Cry 4 sleeping saints 298110_20170721200828_1.png

One of the most famous landmarks in Kyrat. The Sleeping Saints (or sleeping saint, and forever sleeping saint, due to recent events).


Far Cry 4 jalendu temple 298110_20170702220505_1.png

Jalendu Temple. A towering structure standing alone on an unreachable island (unless you have a boat, then it is totally doable).


Far cry 4 shangri la 298110_20170629212822_1.png

Shangri-La, if location were a psychedelic, Shangri-La is the place. You have to take a drug to get there, but boy is it fun. You can jump from literally everywhere and not get hurt.

Far Cr y4 fortress for the crazy 298110_20170705115617_1.png

Another hard-to-reach place is a fortress high, high up in the himalayan mountains, The Temple of Yalung. It is inhabited by some “off” individuals, and you have to walk a billion steps to get there, but it’s worth it.

Far Cry 4 murals and carvings 298110_20170630025032_1.png

Strolling around aimlessly may reveal some interesting murals and carvings, usually found in caves.

Far cry 4 shanath arena 298110_20170721201559_1.png

Shanath Arena. I say, day b’ cray cray.

Nature in itself is a sight to be seen, and worthy of a photograph. You’ll find plenty of motives for your living room wall here.
There is much to marvel at.

Far Cry 4 zooming in on boobs.gif

Natural or manmade, each of them surpasses each other in beauty the more you study them. The wonders of Kyrat should not to be missed.

One sight you won’t be able to see is the golden statue of Pagan Min. It was destroyed by hooligans or something.

Far Cry 4 pagan min statue destroyed fast speed.gif

Having only had beer as drinkable fluid for two days, the details around this is a bit blurry.

Here lives the owner of the statue. The people guy in power. Pagan Min.

Far Cry 4 not the royal palace fortress 298110_20170721203008_1.png

The Royal Palace

Far Cry 4 royal palace 298110_20170721202834_1.png

Naw, just kidding. Here it is. Majestic, isn’t it?

Kyrat is a land of spirituality, so if you want to do some sightseeing, while filling up your spiritual pool, there are places to do that as well.

Far Cry 4 chal jama monastery 298110_20170626140407_1.png

The mysterious ‘Chal Jama Monastery’

Far Cry 4 weirdo spritual 298110_20170626140649_1.png

And then there’s this weirdo. He’s probably not dangerous, but keep a distance. Just in case.

This will serve as a suitable segway to the next article. Delve into the spiritual side of Kyrat.

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