Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

First things first.
The absolute first thing you should do when stepping foot into Kyrat is to crank your radio to this channel:

Far Cry 4 radio free Kyrat 298110_20170629205218_1.png

DJ Rabi Ray Rana is an unfiltered, refreshing voice filling the airwaves with serious unseriousness. This is no political correct radio host, by any means. Unfiltered is an understatement.

In addition to all the other stuff covered so far in the guide, Kyrat has a fascinating culture.

Despite the perpetual hardship, the people work hard, by sticking to their assignments from sunrise to sunset.

Far Cry 4 hard working lass 298110_20170702232009_1.png

This guy spent an entire day hitting that block of wood. I can’t tell why, but he did.

The work ethics and level of craftsmanship the Kyratis possess is remarkable.

Far Cry 4 cratmanship 298110_20170702231937_1.png

If you can, bring home a genuine handmade creation. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

They play (and make) interesting music, ranging from the new-age-fusion stuff, to the old folk-ish type.

Far Cry 4 music 298110_20170702231628_1.png

What would an isolated society be without some locally developed home remedies, (allegedly) curing every possible ailment.

Ever tried tiger skin mixed with white and green flowers?
It is supposed to hold back pollen allergies, sharpen the mind, and eliminate depression.

Far Cry 4 guy hanging from the ceiling 298110_20170630010012_1.png

This dude is curing his athlete’s foot.

Far Cry 4 readjusting spinal discs 298110_20170705105121_1.png

Himalayan acupuncture with vertical constrainment therapy. It increases blood flow and readjusts slipped spinal discs.

If we disregard some questionable details about the Kyrati culture, it is a country filled to the brim with multi-layered individuals and exciting possibilities.

They’re struggling alright, but don’t worry. Lucky for them, they have top dog, King Pagan Min on the case.

Far Cry 4 pagan min on a tv 298110_20170702235336_1.png

Pagan Min is almost always on someone’s TV. He’s that popular.

This is the last part of the Kyrat Travel Guide.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

    • If I were to be completely honest about this whole thing, I’d advise U to find another place to vacay
      *Gets arrested by the royal army*
      Hey! Come here. Vacation is paradise in kyrat, or else you’ll get shot

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