Kyrat Travel Guide: Spirituality

This guy is weird:

Far Cry 4 spritual weird guy monk 298110_20170626140524_1.png

Try to avoid this guy if you see him. He cray.

Now that we got that stated and out in the open, we can look at spirituality in Kyrat from a serious perspective for you travelers.


Kyrat is a very spiritual place.

This place is not only for those requiring breakneck action. The Himalayan pearl offers soothing, soul-replenishing calm, to refill your energy levels and getting high.

While taking part in these rituals as a tourist may not actually do a damn thing, it serves as a pretty decent way of lowering your shoulders after checking sights, flying around doing every activity imaginable.

Far Cry 4 spiritual meaningfull 298110_20170626140623_1.png

Praying. It helps calm you down at the same time as making you feel you’re doing something.

They have this incense, that means when you burn it, it smells. Spirituality? Does it work? I don’t know. All i know is i want a bag of chips.

– Reckless Reporter

Most Kyratis treat spirituality as a bunch of traditions and do not take it too seriously, while others take it to the extreme.

Far Cry 4 monk praying himself to death 298110_20170630025528_1.png

This guy prayed/meditated a bit too hard.

One variant of the incense they use is pretty relaxing. Maybe a bit too relaxing. Chill, even.

Far Cry 4 relaxing incense 298110_20170626140753_1.png

Hindu-ish spirituality isn’t the only variant present in these lands.
A guy named Longinus is totally hooked on the psalms and knows them by heart. He can teach you the main verses to justify warfare and such, if you are ever in need of that (you never know).

He can supply you with weapons for hunting as well. No matter the size of your prey.

You must strive to be a lion, not a lamb. And a lion needs teeth.

– Longinus

Traveling around Kyrat, experiencing the spiritual expressions can be fun and rewarding. Just remember to keep a critical eye and a sceptic mind before getting dragged to deep into the stuff.

Far Cry 4 spirituality rituals 298110_20170630171356_1.png

Not all religious, spiritual, cultural traits are necessarily a good thing to bring along on the path to enlightenment.

Far Cry 4 sacrifising a goat 298110_20170626141217_1.png

Animal sacrifice? You’ve goat to be kidding me..

Every philosophy, religion, cult, culture and the like, has their share of extreme cooks. Staying away from the craziest of them is a fairly good guideline to keeping your sanity.

Far Cry 4 weird guy in the back 298110_20170626140910_1.png

There he is again. In the background. That thought devoid weirdo. Man, is he weird…

Quick tip: Anyone claiming to know anything whatsoever about any afterlife? GTFO ANLB (And never look back).

Far Cry 4 crazy rituals 298110_20170704153017_1.png


Spirituality – Best enjoyed responsibly


Next up, let’s look more closely at the wonderful culture of Kyrat!

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