The Drone Pilot’s Burden

skyrim everybody be like when testing out your drone.jpg

A drone pilot has a responsibility like no other. The responsibility to give answers to questions the masses still don’t know. Know that drones haven’t been part of the curriculum and that the majority of people are, in layman’s terms, “OMG, like so n00b”

A drone pilot has a heavy weight on h*s/h*r shoulders.

If you’re a drone pilot you probably know the answers by heart.
If not, prepare to have them at the ready:

  • What is it?
    • A quadcopter.
  • Does it have a camera?
    • Yes.
  • How much was it?
    • A lot.
  • How high can it go?
    • Really high.
  • How far can it go?
    • Very far.
  • How fast can it go?
    • Fast enough.
  • Can I fly it?
    • No.

skyrim testing out quadcopter can it loop

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