Plastic Surgeons Hate Him

Bioshock 1 steinmans aesthetic ideals entrance 409710_20170727130312_1.png

Ever heard the expression

“Beauty comes from within”


Thanks to Dr. Steinman, you can now wear your insides on the outside.

Plastic surgeons doesn’t hate him because of malpractice, or that he is operating without a license. It’s not even his one-of-a-kind take on medical ethics.

They hate him because he makes individuals like yourself look exactly like they feel.

Don’t take this ad’s word for it. See the improvement in color below:

Bioschock before and after steinman surgery.png

True, inner beauty.

It’s not just for women. This man was very happy he dropped by Steinman:

Bioshock 1 splicer portrait 409710_20170615135026_1.png

“Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me so…”

– Splicer (very satisfied customer of Dr. Steinman)

Still not convinced?

Check out these posters, confirming Steinman is the go-to-guy for cosmetic enhancements.

Bioshock 1 steinman posters .png

Head down to
“Dr. Steinman’s Aesthetic Ideals”
in the Medical Pavilion and transform your look today.


Bioshock 1 Steinman signature 409710_20170727130036_1

Bioshock 1 steinman face portrait 409710_20170727130856_1

A face you can trust

“Aesthetics are a moral imperative”

– J. Steinman

Disclaimer: Game Cosmos Press have not fact-checked the ad or anything in it, we just show it (Steinman pays us not to ask questions. He promised we’ll get the money soon). It may or may not contain accurate facts. Rapture currently has no department handling complaints.

Dr. Steinman’s asked us to direct those with legal questions to this link

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