Staycation FTW

fallout 4 wish to go on vacation but have no money.jpg

A better vacation – Underground

In Vault 188, you’ll find an underground beach, with a stunning view (depending on how picky you are).

You won’t even miss the warm sunrays. You’ll get all the radiation you need from a few beers or a dip in the water.

In RL:
Staycation is where it’s at.
It fits both the affluent as well as the penniless.

For the penniless it’s a good alternative to breaking the bank.

If you are living in a vault, it’s the perfect way to spend your vacation. Paint a seascape on an empty concrete wall, and voila! No cancer from the sun. No annoying people stealing sunbeds. It is the ultimate vacation.
You may not even need an internet connection to enjoy it.

Business idea: Buy a VR-capable recording device and rent out your time walking around streaming your hometown. Profit.



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