Game Cosmos Press (consisting of 1 dude) is thinking about going avada kedavra on its Instagram account

Shocking news indeed.

There are several reasons why I think it should not live on:

  • Main reason: Time consumption. Creating visual content is time consuming, and the close to pointless instagram posting
  • Not bringing in any views to the site (cynical, I know. but then again, that’s life).
  • Double posting. Why bother having the same images in two places? Waste of bytes. Taking one for the environment, amirite?
  • Over all, it feels fake & forced.

To those coming here from instagram, let thy voice be heard!
Would you be really, really sad and go into a nihilistic state if I shut it down?

If there is no strong objections, it’s gonna go the way of the dodo – hella outta here.


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