Majestic Bird

Many a grown-up having had Jurassic Park as their favorite movie as a child, got stoked beyond expression when a game where you could walk among dinosaurs was announced.

Boy, did it deliver.

ARK Survival Evolved majestic bird 2.png

Roaring through the skies on a giant bird, with thunder and lightning booming, rumbling around you.
What is it called, that feeling you get, that “Wow, this is just… yeah. Wow”?

ARK Survival Evolved majestci bird.png

Majestic AF

9 thoughts on “Majestic Bird

  1. Thx 4 teh tip! Phew.. Wouldn’t want to be that “omigod he’s like so old lol”. Have to keep up with the kids 😎
    But to the matter at hand, I believe you are factually correct. The birds genome predates language after all


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