How many settlers does it take to fix a turret?


The number is eleven, but there is a twist. No one is actually fixing the turret.

Get to work, people! I don’t pay you to watch. In fact, I don’t pay you at all.

– Sole Survivor

Useless lot all o’ya

The settlers of post-apocalyptic Boston aren’t the most creative of people. They inhabit absolutely no entrepreneurship.

fallout 4 calling in help for every little thing.jpg

Everyone needs your f*cking help. As soon as you are done risking your ass, some other ass asks you to risk your ass again. Isn’t it enough that I’ve built you an impenetrable fortress, with a working 4-story elevator, a garden, a fully equipped kitchen stocked with food to last 10 years, a fusion generator, and to top it off, installed a device that removes radiation. REMOVES RADIATON!

Ungrateful bastards.

Why don’t they just pick up a book and learn how to do it themselves? Oh, that’s right. The books have been burnt to crisp by radiation. Okay, you win this time.

fallout 4 useless settlers cant fix their own things.jpg

fallout 4 how it begins.jpg

14 thoughts on “How many settlers does it take to fix a turret?

    • Lazy bastards all of them. I’m starting to think they do this on purpose. What better way to get the attention of the most skilled man/woman on the planet, than to let everything fall apart


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