Phresh Pheed

Path to the top of the world

I wanted to see what was on top of Far’s Peak, so a sturdy wooden path was built. Turned out to be an incredible waste of time.

Entirely useless project.

It’s most likely not an exaggeration to assume that the time spent on this would have given a cure for cancer if spent otherwise.

I mean, someone could have built homes for every homeless person in the world in the time I built this. With the same amount of materials.

Thought it would end up looking cooler..
What is it with this thing in my head that prioritizes these stupid projects over cleaning up the sink?

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3 Comments on Path to the top of the world

  1. I really expected more. But hey at least you got to skip cleaning.

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  2. Anything to skip non-video game related (aka not worth doing) tasks. This whole stairway to heaven thing was taking it slightly too far though

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  3. We have all taken it slightly to far my good reporter

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