Snapshots From Chernarus

Here are some snaps I took during my journey through Chernarus.
It’s truly an interesting place.

Traveling through a country during wartime provides some funny situations (and uimaginable horror and tragedy, but let’s forget about that for a minute).


Enjoying the view

The guys in green never misses an opportunity to peruse the passion. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the ‘Lovers at first sight’.

Gunner: Dude! Someone’s doing it down there.
Pilot: I’ll take a swing around!


Taking a bike ride in a warzone

Then there’s this gem of a dialogue.


Not the most inspired bunch

They don’t look very pumped up. School is school. Boring no matter where you’re at.


That awkward moment when you don’t speak the local language

Been there.

Linguist: Habla ingles?

Local: I speak english. American even. And some Canadian.

Linguist: Oh, good. Whero is the terroristo?

If I can find any more of these, I’ll upload them to this article.

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