I think he’s onto me

If the image text is potato, here goes Isran’s brilliant mind at work: “Something’s off with that guy.. Is it the beard? Nah..”

Vampirism isn’t the easiest of afflictions to live with, nor hide.
Luckily, Isran isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Skyrim i think he is onto me

“Your eyes are red. You puffin’ the magic dragon, huh?”

Thankfully, I got off scot-free here, thanks to the leader of the primary organization responsible for fighting the vampire scourge being oblivious as hell (oblivion?).

I’m seriously considering supporting the Dawnguard, out of sympathy for this guy. He really is doing his best.

Hot tip:
When editing pictures of vampires, avoid the “red eye removal” feature. It’s not gonna help your story. Quite the contrary.

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