“Whatcha doin’?” – Alduin the charmer

When this guy’s a comin’, you know you’re going home with him.

Alduin is a real ladies man. Also a man’s man, I guess.
Not sure if Alduin is even a “he” (Zee? Xhe? Or whatever the trend is these days).

skyrim alduin getting ready for business

“Swiggity swooty, your booty’s comin’ to Sovngarde”

skyrim coming for helgen

Just look at his wingspan. Gorgeous. Irresistible.

skyrim alduin handles rejection badly

Alduin doesn’t handle rejection well, though. Safest choice would be to comply with his inclinations, unless you know how to Dragonrend, or even a fus-ro-dah might discourage his advances.

See some of his pickup lines here O.o

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