Snapshots A Far Cry 4 U

(Snapshots from Kyrat, in Far Cry 4)

Here comes a few shots from my ‘travels’ around in Kyrat. Nice place.

“Now, would you kindly tell me why you took all the yellow M&M’s”

What’s up?

“Nothin’, babe. Just hangin’. Got an arrow in my leg. Barely missed my knee.
Still adventuring though”.

Hippie wagon

If this ain’t a shaggin’ wagon, I don’t know what is.

Far cry 4 hippie bus.png

Look at that fabulous son of a gun

far cry 4 damn hippies.png

Wasting Ammo

Strange way of celebrating a gunfight victory. Shortsighted, and a waste of resources. Especially when rebelling against a way stronger, overpowering force.

Don’t fire half of your ammo into the air, I guess is what I want to say here.

Man 1: Let’s-waste-a-bunch-of-ammo-during-a-civil-war-where-ammunition-usually-is-scarce!

Man 2: “Wooyeaaah!”


Man 1: “Is that a Royal Army car?”


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