Wrap It Up Before Disposal

Be like the dudes and dudettes of Ark. Wrap up everything in an extra layer before you throw it away, for the sake of the environment. Think about the poor dinos. We wouldn't want a raptor running around with plastic six pack rings around his neck, would we? This is just one of the many … Continue reading Wrap It Up Before Disposal


Game Cosmos Press (consisting of 1 dude) is thinking about going avada kedavra on its Instagram account Shocking news indeed. There are several reasons why I think it should not live on: Main reason: Time consumption. Creating visual content is time consuming, and the close to pointless instagram posting Not bringing in any views to … Continue reading Instagram

Fake Lenin Busted

This here guy has been running around the Commonwealth, posing as Vladimir Lenin. He was (finally) caught when he couldn't resist the promise of creating a communist, collectivist utopia.   Spasiba!   On another note, the BoS have an open warrant for Albino Lincoln.  

KUK 400

The owner of that registration plate will get a lot of attention in Scandinavia. I'm not guaranteeing it will be the good kind of attention, but how he managed to get that through the <insert baguette, wine&mime-land's version of the DMV here> is commendable. IO, I see what you did there. A closeup for good … Continue reading KUK 400