Awkward toilet conversations are the worst / Deus Ex: Human Revolution

"She was like whatever, and then I was like for sure. Everyone kinda JK and IDK - aaand there's a guy peeking over my bathroom stall" I figured since she wanted everyone to hear her conversation we might as well talk face to face. It's only polite.

General+Scientist=Impending Danger

My bet is they're not developing a cure to anything. A cure to overpopulation, maybe. If they're rubbing their hands together while laughing, consider running, leaving everything behind, never looking back. Accusing me of fear-mongering? Am I maybe overreacting? Well, that's what they want you to believe. <Rambling on and on about conspiracy theories. One after … Continue reading General+Scientist=Impending Danger

I Solemnly Swear

  Take your intervention elsewhere. This one's affinity for the visual, interactive medium is unshakeable. An impenetrable force field of introversion keeps the outside world away. Except the need for currency for which to trade in exchange of the aforementioned medium.

Crucial moment

  If you're not a typical small talker, this type of faux pax is probably not an unfamiliar phenomenon. When all that stands between you and the love of your life is a brain fart.. Bah.. Life, why are you like this? Who hurt you? Maybe we can fix this or something.