Phresh Pheed

Fallout 4

A provisioner’s route

2016-12-11 // 2 Comments

As she continued her route, I could not avoid noticing the confident, elegant walk, paired with a strong, resolute stature. Equipped with a set of heavy combat armor, a lazer rifle and part of her face covered by a skull-motived bandana, most attackers would re-evaluate their plans. [...]

Diamond City – A Wasteland metropolis

2016-11-13 // 2 Comments

Diamond City! The biggest, safest, most civilized town in Boston (and seemingly the only one in walking distance in any given direction). It is surrounded by the walls of the once glorious stadium that drew people from afar to watch people smack leather balls with pieces of sandpapered wood. Here are some traveling tips for you if you were to find yourself there some day. [...]

A fellow journalist in need

2016-11-11 // 1 Comment

Everyone needs a place to sleep. A journalist needs several, due to the nomadic nature of the profession. The success of a journalist therefore relies on his/hers ability to find places to sleep, either by exploiting people's good will or good old "persuasion". [...]